Showcase Mall

Showcase Mall, Las Vegas    

The Showcase Mall is an entertainment and shopping complex located next to the MGM Grand Hotel right on the Las Vegas Strip. This multi-level mall is a real kid friendly, with some sweet tooth destinations like M&M World and Ethel M Chocolates.

There is a United Artists Cinemas which is the only regular movie theater complex located right on the Las Vegas Strip. The real standout however is the gigantic M&M world which offers plenty of chances to get your hands on some of their chocolatey confections. You can find plenty of M&M souvenirs and logo merchandise from their retail shops as well the chance to watch a free 3-D M&M movie. For more information on M&M's world visit: M&M World Las Vegas

You can find an absolutely huge amount of Coca-Cola related merchandise from the World of Coca-Cola. This colorful store offers Coke related products, art work and logo clothing. The Coke Cafe on the second floor serves up Coke influenced flavors of the popular drink.

Gameworks is a video games junkies dream come true. With the help of developers Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks, Universal Studios and Sega Enterprises, Gameworks delivers an amazing assortment of virtual reality and sensory games. For more information on Gameworks visit: Gameworks Las Vegas

You can check your email from the Internet cafe or enjoy the food at the food court located nearby. Other area attraction's include a Houdini Magic shop and Grand Canyon Experience. You might also want to take a look at the two story, 20,000 square foot, Adidias megastore.

Las Vegas Showcase Mall

Las Vegas Showcase Mall

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